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Fun Times!
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I went to a anime convention last weekend and while it was very small and very young (only two years old) it was still cool.  I played Magic the Gathering and shit like that.  I'm going to a huge one at the end of october so I'm excited!

I've been writing more fanfiction than fiction since then so I have a Hellsing (just put up), Saiyuki (which needs to be revised), and a FMA (in the making).

FMA is the bestest ^_^  Anyway I've always been into the more unique, obscure or odd anime/stuff so yeah.

The fiction stories may take some time to be created.  Just so you all know >.<

Religion History Lessons were never this much Fun!
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Okay I'm going to list the first page I've got of the potential 'first' book of the Heavenly and Deadly (7 sins 7 virtues) Series.  My apologies if this may affend someone but I blame the prompt!  Actually as i write this I might come up with a completely different story now.  XD  Just thought to add this.

Just a bit of commentary through the eyes of a new 'Goddess'Collapse )


Everyone got that so far? Good! Let's continue then.


Now God created the perfect submissive housewife named Eve. Lucifer tempted the chick with a forbidden fruit (it's a bloody apple) and being curious as all sin (hehehe) and deciding to be a rebel she took a bite and offer her hubby some.


Long story short shit happened with them and their offspring and God kicked them out as well.




Lucifer (or Luci) became to be known as Satan among the brainwashed followers of the light and was basically went to Hell to be it's ruler. Now Hell has it's good and bad parts. Each area has it's different traits and Lucifer is proud that he made someone's eternal judgement to the doom and gloom into a darker model of 'Heaven'. They have jobs and such as well. Now God didn't like this development at all so he declared war on Luci and him still bitter to his punishment eagerly accepted.


The battle still rages though there is debates on if they are actually listening or even real.




In various cultures different creatures and deities exist with many of them dating back before the whole Wilber thing went down. While most familiar with the Greek and Roman mythology, I'm going to have to brush up on the others quickly.


Especially with the predictament I've landed myself into now.



From the Notes of Fiona Tamesis

Seven Deadly Sins Prompt Part 2
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Laziness is my Middle NameCollapse )



I Loathe the Color Green... But they say it looks good on me.Collapse )



Eat Your Heart Out, Narcissus !Collapse )

If you get none of them right Congrats!  You are going to Heaven/ Paradise (Mostly MI)    If you got them all right you are going straight to Hell T.T .  The place of Purgatory for everyone who guessed in between.

A/N:  I'm thinking on making a Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Heavenly Virtues story with a possiblity that neither of them are all together good or evil.  So if anyone has any advice for that I'll appreciate it.
A/N 2:  This is mostly for fun and the "Sins" and characters they belong to will be revealed on Friday.


No souls were harmed in the making of this post.

Book Writing Prompt #1 - Seven Deadly Sins Part 1
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Hello and welcome to "Guess That SIN!" the amazing new game show that has people on the edge of their seats ready to see what can please them of their insatiable hunger!  This game as befitting it's nature of the topics is rated adult for references to some things that would hurt your wittle ears.

(A/N:  I tried my best to write fiction that would represent a character (or future ones) and keep it in the SDS prompt.  What I would like for you the reader is to tell me what sin was best represented in each cut.  In a day or two I will list my answers or rather the sad attempts at it)


How would you react if something or someone you put alot of time and energy in suddenly 'broke'?Collapse )



The Oldest Job In the World's Product...Collapse )


Any guesses so far?


Why You Should never Overeat!Collapse )




Stealing is Bad...Collapse )


More to come after this break!

(A/N Honestly tell me how it is.   I'll change it later.   I'll continue this in my next post)

Found something on Yahoo Music News...
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Okay I'm putting up the original piece of news under the following cut with my own add-ons and music comments.  Also I must say that I am quite happy that Prince Poppycock (who I only heard in a snippet but is an AWESOME opera singer) is still in!  Mind you I was just passing through the living room when I got that news (My mother was watching it XD)

Onto the article of DOOM!

Simon Cowell's Blacklist: Songs Reportedly Banned From 'X Factor' Collapse )

Now MY turn.  Most of the stuff I am about to list will be listed in catagories with notes at the end of each one.   Some of these songs are so over-played on the radio that I could murder someone singing them (which will be two catagories)  Also these are my views and not yours so don't try to murder me in my sleep.
  Note that for some songs/bands I may forget/misspell the rest of them.  Or I'm too damn lazy to do anything else.  Yeah that sounds more like me.
Songs that are decent to good that have replay value

Master of Puppets,  Enter the Sandman, Black Mirror (Arcade Fire), Short Skirt Long Jacket, Most things by Nightwish, some songs by Kerli (loved the walking on air video it was so bizarre), Tetris (Let's Play Tetris Mother Fucker.  Seriously that's the lyric) , all three days grace songs, Dragon force

Notes:  These just came off the top of my head so there's tons more but I really don't like exploring my perverted and odd mind if I can avoid it.

Songs that I can tolerate if I ABSOLUTELY had to
Rap/Metal that basically says I will murder everything then rape the living/dead/whatever.  Seriously I heard something like that on a radio station O.O No joking.   PEARL JAM!  (Don't even get me started there.  I find a few of there songs redeemable).  Jonas Brothers (Thankfully I passed that age group before the crap hit the fan)
Song that I WILL Kill You If you sing them Offkey

Imagine (John lennon) I like this since I RARELY hear this song and get all into thinking mode when it's on.  Porn Star Dancing (XD Just love it)  There's tons of others.
Songs that WILL Make me Kill You If you Sing them in a very loud obnoxious voice (or on American Idol)
Most Nickleback, 95% Of country  A few of the others Definately stand out in my mind but as luck would have it I forgot them XD
End Comments

I have alot of music likes and dislikes and they change quite frequently.  I am sorry if this offends anyone as it was not my intention to do so.  But I DO have a question(s) for you all now...
What are your favorite bands/songs?  What songs/bands do you hate?  What song should NEVER be played on American Idol (or it's vile offspring) and what song do YOU want to hear there?

Why you shouldn't read Dummie books so often...
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In other words my book title (at least for the 'first' one) is called:  Realm Walking for Dummies by Cassandra Araceli.

As some of you may already know Cassandra is the main character of the story and is at the very least someone who can travel to different realms/worlds.  She also has no flipping clue on how to use it and since Realm walkers are scarce (at least on Cassandra's home realm) now adays she's having trouble controlling yet alone mastering it.

As if that wasn't enough Spiritual Glow University (Spook U) is starting it's fall semester in a few days.  Take the stress of that, mix it with various warped myths and 'fairy tales' (just a sudden idea), add a dash of talking stones and dolls with a squirt of 'romance' (as best I can do it) and blend it until it's beyond all comprehension.  Best served with a healthy side of (original) beliefs and don't forget to pretend to be fancy smancy with smartarse nobles and shy royality.

Please do not blame the cook for any food complaints you might have.  She's just following the recipe.

I'm just going on and on about nothing important again.  Chapter two is in progress and will probably consist of a party, introduction, competition, a few pointless answers about Cass's uncle and dreams of a sleeping emo banged man.

P.S.  By emo band I mean the long, LONG bang that usually completely covers one eye or that side of the face.

P.S.S.  Wrote the 'recipe' when I was extremely bored.

Writer's Block: My Journey
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If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

That's a tough question since I want to travel to many different places.  My first choice is someplace in Japan followed closely by Ireland or London.  As a child I could have gone on a trip around europes but decided not to go due to some crap happening then.  Next I would pick Disney World!  Then again Flordia is where the elderly go to die... or so the saying goes.

It all HAS to be all expenses paid or I wouldn't go.

Untitled First Chapter of my Current Project (Also Untitled)
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A/N:    This is my first attempt at the first chapter and I would love your advice since I intend to put this on fictionpress as well.  Also I need potential ideas for the story title and chapter titles.  I'm trying to aim for novel length just so you know.  Enough of this blah blah blah!  Onto the crappy chapter.


Little Did She Know It Only Just Begun...Collapse )

Behold Mortals! The First Page of the First Story!
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Okay fair warning.  I was tired when I started this and even as I wrote this it got odder and odder and since I usually go for 2000 to 3000 words a chapter it's still in progress (meaning like 3 pages)  As I wrote this I saw parts of myself in it especially the tripping on noithing.

Something tore me away from my slumber which was a mixed blessing especially due to how dark that dream turned.. As I stirred into full awareness the strands of that bizarre dream began to vanish in the light of day. However, I couldn't help but feel something like I was missing something. With a slow shake of my head, I stumble out of bed and got ready to start my day.

A little while later I headed downstairs to get a bowl of cereal when I heard my mother's voice speaking to an unknown man in the living room. Now normally I would be slightly paranoid but right now I didn't give a rat's arse. I crouched down in an attempt to make it to the kitchen unnoticed. I would have made it as well if it wasn't for the fact that I am not the most graceful person.

In other words I tripped on nothing and as I landed hard on the carpet a very colorful combination of verbs and nouns passed my lips.

“Cassandra Araceli! Can't you at least try to act polite in front of others?”

A very unladylike snort came from me. “I'll try mother.” Hell, I even pulled the 'modest maiden' act complete with gazing downward away from her suspicious glance.

The man's voice was soothing as he spoke to me. “Hello Cassandra. I am quite pleased to finally meet you.”

I went back into my usual carefree stance. “That's nice Mr...” I let the sentence hang for a minute since I actually didn't know who he was and I didn't care to look at him since I felt that something would happen if I did.

“Kevin Rane.” he supplied and for some random reason I looked at him

He had a slight build and his skin was very lightly tanned. I took in his pure white tennis shoes and black jeans before moving up. I quickly noted that he looked muscular despite his lithe form. Up I went to his face where I saw curious forest green eyes and tousled reddish-brown hair. His facial features were refined as well.

I looked toward my mother in seach of answers but just my luck she left the house if the car's engine starting up was any clue.

“What can I do for you Mr. Rane?”

“Please call me Kevin and I'm here to help you of course. Someone has to help you understand where you stand.”

I stared at him as if he suddenly stripped down to his underwear and danced around the living room proclaiming his love for bubble gum. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Kevin looked confused when he asked “You haven't been told anything?”

I blinked before demanding what he knew.

“You're uncle, Aidan Araceli, is missing on one of his trips and quite possibly is dead.” As if it was an afterthought Kevin added, “Or worse.”

(A/N By worse Kevin meant Necromancers in general.  I also know this stinks but my favorite part was the first 2-3 paragraphs)

YES! -Insert Triumphant Music Here-
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-Dances wildly around in a tanktop and short-

Now with that out of my system I finally completed putting the character question thing on LJ.  It was hell trying to get it on since LJ cut was being a little biatch.  I so happy :P

Now for a random list with a dash of character information (made up right now)

1.  Cassandra Araceli first name was going to be Maya but was changed last minute mostly due to the fact that it would be overkill.  Maya means "God's Power" while Araceli means "Heavenly"

2.  Cass/Cassie's uncle Aidan is quite well known and respected/feared in many circles in the supernatural communities.  Cassandra has her work cut out for her.

3.  Cian Korbin and Aaron Duyer are (or were in Aaron's case) both uber bad guyss that nearly wiped out several races long long ago.  (Note this is just an idea)

4.  Cian and Aaron are both sealed (Cian in a stone/gem for now and Aaron in puppet/doll that can become
a fully functual human or whatever he was every now and then).  Ian Hemming has Cian and Cassandra 'inherits' Aaron.  (Another idea)

5.  Keir is a fae noble who was very bad and cursed to slumber (kinda like sleeping beauty i guess).    Unfortunately there was a loophole where a pure hearted young woman would awaken him.  Good thing he doesn't know that he would be 'owned' by said woman.  (Just another idea again)

And Now For Something Completely Different!  XD

6.  I actually ate Breakfast for breakfast!

7.  I hate 95% of country.

8.  I have a joke with my IRL friends where Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach has a Hello Kitty fetish ;D

9.  Usually my characters swear (since I can make a sailor blush with my language but at the same time possess a Victorian modesty xD) and is occassionally rated M for swearing and violence. 

10.  I really hate the mornings

11.  Fall Classes starts on September 2nd!  Hehehe I am more uber than you Brandie :P

12.  If I'm playing a game and see some type of bunny I kills it (especially if I can get items/experience from it) though irl I think bunnies are cool especially the one species that are as big as a dog.

13.  On the computer I'm quite outgoing though offline I'm shy unless I know you.

14.  I prefer the bad guys to the good guys since the main character in most stories/games/shows are clueless as fudge.

I think that's enough for right now.  Laters people thingies!


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